Training packages are available in 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48 session increments. Each session lasts approximately one hour and alternates between the three disciplines, i.e.: speed, agility, or power. Prior to the first session, a pre-test is administered as a starting point to measure improvement. Upon completion of the program, a post-test is given indicating final results. Our flexible training programs allow for in-season as well as off-season workouts.

POWER - Going Vertical’s Power Training is accomplished primarily by plyometrics, which enhance the speed and contraction of the muscles. This phase of training includes footwork drills to improve quickness and coordination and box-jump drills to increase explosiveness

AGILITY - Going Vertical’s Agility Training takes place primarily on the Trazer, a computerized interactive agility training system. The Trazer provides a constantly changing environment to which the athlete must react. It also provides analytical feedback including reaction time, vertical leap, left versus right analysis, and acceleration time. As a supplement to the Trazer, slide boarding and resistance training are incorporated into the agility phase.

SPEED - Going Vertical’s Speed Training is executed on the Fitnex Power Treadmill, which is approximately twice the size of ordinary treadmills and can achieve a top speed of 25 MPH and an incline up to 40%. This phase of training teaches athletes to improve their speed by incorporating incline running (enhancing stride length), overspeed training (enhancing efficiency), and correct running form. We also provide a run-out for short distance sprints utilizing resistance cords, footwork drills, and a laser speed trap timer. 


Going Vertical also offers CARDIO ENHNANCEMENT TRAINING! Work out in a motivational, inspirational atmosphere and achieve your personal goals!

Each session lasts just 1 hour!

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